Personal Description

My name is sonny agasi pradita,Call it sonny, calls often spoken to call me. I live at Jln. Jatipadang putra no.21, south jakarta. I was born in jakarta on August 3, 1992.  Here I live with my family. I have five children, four boys from my three older brothers and one younger sister.

I have several hobbies, such as hiking, playing soccer, gather and playing games. Yes, this is what sometimes became my routine untunk spare time. I like hiking because I love the atmosphere, I love the adventurous and I love nature. I like to get together because I have an organization based on solidarity and the family, the organization I was psycho.

Some of the motivation of my life:

  • I want to make my parents happy
  • I want to be a successful person
  • I want to be the one which is beneficial to the people

Some of my motivation in the accounting department:

  • because I want to follow in the footsteps of my father
  • I would like to deepen the accounting

Some of my excess:

  • Speak honestly
  • I like to make people laugh
  • always think positive
  • I like to help others

Some of my flaws:

  • Not too concerned with appearances.
  • I am shy and not confident
  • I am not on time
  • my easy emotions

Tentang sonny agasi

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