A. Answer the questions beginning with ” He ( she ) asked me…”

1. What time is it ?
He asked me what time it was.

2. Who do you think will win the champions league ?
He asked me who I think would win the champions league.

3. Did you finish your assignment ?
She asked me if I had finished my assignment.

4. Have you seen my sister ?
She asked me if I had seen her sister.

5. Is what you said really true ?
She asked me if what I said was really true.

B. Change the following quoted sentences into reported ones.

1. Gita said, ” You should come to the seminar.”
Gita said I should come to the seminar.

2. ” Is what I’ve heard true ?” said Shinta.
Shinta asked me if what she had heard was true.

3. Alfa said, ” Come to my birthday party ”
Alfa said come to his birthday party.

4. Nila said, ” I need to eat now. ”
Nila said she did need to eat then.

5. ” Can you meet me, ” Billy said, ” after class ? ”
Billy asked me to meet him after class.


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