Off-Road Cycling Tips

The following are tips for cycling off-road pedaling quickly without destroying your thighs.

1. Cycling with a low gear
The best way to off-road cycling is an exercise bike in a low gear and keep your legs still spinning fast.
The only problem of this is when you encounter a slippery slope to the ground and lose grip. To fix this, put your weight further back so that your tires get traction. But do not get too far back until your front tires lifted off the ground.

2. Keep your speed
Do not stop pedaling even though you are dealing with a pathway that requires high technique.
Often, your momentum will help you to overcome obstacles, but slow pedaling bicycles can actually make a bicycle wheel slippage and you will stop. Speed is your friend.

3. Lift your head
Try to look down rather than up the path to the front wheels. The trick is your eyes back and forth looking into the ground three to six feet in front. But do not focus on the obstacles because it will usually draw you to these obstacles.

4. Increase your speed suddenly
If you race in a group, note landmarks indicating a narrow section or obstacle in front of you. Then increase your speed suddenly to be to the front of the group and give yourself full chance to go through trials with no one in front of you.

5. Train your feet
You may be able to go through mile after mile with ease in practice but it does not mean that exercise can improve your leg strength.
There are exercises that you can try to increase the anaerobic threshold phase you, you tend not to make excessive force themselves during competition and increase your incline techniques. Find a hill that takes two minutes to climb. Climb with a constant pedaling bikes and free wheel when down and repeat six times.

6. Know your terrain
You should first see a bike path and a great idea to recognize the terrain that will be encountered. Beware of obstacles, slopes and wet areas so that you can get ready.

7. Do sprint drills
Sprint with a fast tempo will help you get used to pedaling more efficient. Discover the flat land, speed up and enter into high gear, and pedal pedal very quickly but empty for three minutes. Then the bike pedal slowly for one minute and repeat five times.

8. Be prepared for change
Down from the bike and run with the bike always the hardest part for your feet. Try this exercise: five minutes on the turbo trainer then run on a treadmill for five minutes. Repeat this exercise three times and a two-minute break in between.

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