Task 4

Add question tag at the end of the following sentences !!!

1. They want to come, don’t they?
2. They won’t be here, will they?
3. Cristian is a student, isn’t he?
4. He has learned a lot in the last couple of years, hasn’t he?
5. He has a car, doesn’t he?
6. She’ll help us later, won’t she?
7. Nothing is wrong, are they?
8. I am invited, aren’t I?
9. She cried last night, didn’t she?
10. He went to bandung yesterday, didn’t he?
11. Those aren’t your books, are they?
12. Everyone can’t come, can they?
13. Class ends at 11.30, doesn’t it?
14. Nobody has told you the secret, has they?
15. You haven’t seen that movie, have you?
16. We have class tomorrow, haven’t we?
17. She is never late to class, is she?
18. Fahmi sat in front of maya yesterday, didn’t she?
19. You had good time last week, didn’t you?
20. These keys don’t belong to you, does they?


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